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The Tone Fulps The Tone Fulps

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Interesting!

Everything about this picture looks unique.

I love how you've given all the characters their own style, straight out of a different era for each, and although I cant name them all, I'd say the drum kit looks like something the Beatles would use.

The colour in this pops out wonderfully and all the shading and shadows looks great. I really cant fault it there, I can tell you've put a lot of time and effort into it.

Everything has a good level of detail to it, whether its the floor and walls, or the clothes that the characters are wearing, and the background also looks similar to the skyline in the Newgrounds logo.

I'm not great at art reviews so there's not really much more I can say, but I really do like this and hope your future work is of this quality!

*Review Request Club*

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Room 1 Room 1

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well, It's Certainly Grey...And Slightly Brown...

What more can I say?

The 3D effect is nothing special. There's no texture on the walls, floor, ceiling or door. The quality is poor. It's plain and boring.

you need to think about adding other elements to the room itself. Windows, furniture, anything would be better than just having a plain grey room.
Also, think about putting some more detail into, well, everything. There could be cracks in the walls or floor, stains here and there, more definition on the door itself. Even a leaky pipe running from the ceiling would help to make it somewhat more interesting.

You've got to try harder next time.

*Review Request Club*

Ross Fenton and the Explosion Ross Fenton and the Explosion

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Again, This Needs More Effort And Detail...

I'm really not trying to be mean just to be a douche here, but you've got to up your game.

It looks like Ross is leaning on some random black object, but the explosion covers the bottom corner of it. So does that mean it's further back than the explosion and Ross is actually just posed awkwardly, or, is it just a mistake with perspective?

The explosion doesn't actually look like an explosion either. There's no definition to it, and if you hadn't crudely written "Boom" in the top, or specified that it was an explosion in the title, there's no telling what it could be.

Another thing; the background once again is lacking. You need to add some kind of detail to it, or at least keep it one colour. Because it fades from blue to black, it appears as if there should be more light on the left, but the explosion seems to be the source of light due to the shading on Ross' face, so why is the right side of the background in darkness?

All these little details add up, and I hope you really pay attention to them in your next submissions.

*Review Request Club*

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MisterTig responds:

Thanks for reviewing. And your review helps a lot. :)

Nice job, Ross Fenton! Nice job, Ross Fenton!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I Cant See Much Effort...

Well, It's not complete crap, but it really does need some work.

You've added the bare minimum of detail, with regards to the blood and such, but texture is practically non-existent. The blood looks like you really did just draw a couple of lines of read over the guys body, and is unimpressive overall.

You've used a cliché, stock fill effect from Flash to colour the jacket of the character with the shotgun, which, is just lazy in my opinion.
Also, the shading on his face makes no sense. In the background, the left side is lighter than the right, so I assume the light source is coming from the left. Why then, is there a shadow on the left side of the characters face, with seemingly nothing to produce it?

It really is just a major lack of detail that lets this down, and you really do need to work on it.

*Review Request Club*

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MisterTig responds:

I agree with you completly. I know I need work with this sort of thing. Thankyou for reviewing.

Dead of Winter Dead of Winter

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Simple, But I Like The Style

I realize that there's not really much to this picture at all, and there's not much detail, but despite that, I think it helps to give it it's own flair.

I cant really explain what it is, but the simplicity of it just helps to give it it's own style and makes it very likeable. Especially the blood on the cleaver and in the snow. Nice touch.

Nene's (I'm assuming that's Nene?) body looks a little out of proportion, her leg in particular. If she puts that thing down, I don't think it's gonna touch the floor. But oh well.

All in all I like this one, keep it up!

*Review Request Club*

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Nightwolves Nightwolves

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There's A Lot Of Character To This

I think you've done a good job of developing your own style with this.
The characters all look good and everything just has it's own personal touch to it.
You got the shadow from the ladder down well, which I'm sure was a pain to get right, but you've managed to pull it off well.

Because of the mostly grey background, the colour you've used really pops out and draws your attention to the characters themselves. I can see this doing very well in a comic.

My only complaint is that the background is a little empty. Some lights dotted around the city would have been a nice touch. It just needs a little more definition and detail. But it's really not that big of a deal.

Good Work!

(Also, the skyline reminds me of the Newgrounds Logo)

*Review Request Club*

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Jeo flys Jeo flys

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad At All

I think everyone will agree, the background in this looks great. The colours all blend nicely and the detail in the rings and planet is good. I really cant fault it. It fits the picture perfectly, and there's nothing about it that screams "FIX ME"

That being said, the detail on everything else is kind of disappointing. The cockpit is well designed, but looks lie it could use a few scuff marks and buttons through about it. Also, some of the lines seem a little off, either being not straight or curved properly. But oh well, it still looks good in general, and it's very subtle.
Also, the character could use a little more detail around his uniform and such. It just seems a little plain, and the texture is lacking.

Really, just work on adding little details here and there, other than that, it's good work!

*Review Request Club*

Rennis5 responds:

well the background was very easy to make in photoshop from scratch, i can't remember the exact process but it is on youtube.
you are right about the detail, i'd love to add more to this but i need to learn how , so when i get time i will have to research that on youtube.
i'm glad you like it and thank you

Trying to be gangster... Trying to be gangster...

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not Bad, Not amazing

I'll be honest, my first impression when I saw this was "What the fuck am I looking at?"
After reading the comments however, I gained more of an understanding, and can now appreciate what you were trying to do.

The background seems to stand out compared to everything else. It doesn't look like it was made in the same way the potato was. I suspect you've taken it from something else? Not a bad thing, but I cant really award you any points for it.
Truth be told, I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that this was a potato, so you may want to work on the textures and detail. Just a few touch-ups here and there could really help to define it.
He sort of looks expressionless. Whether that was intentional or not is debatable, but I personally would have liked to see a bit more shock on his face.
Also, try playing around with shadows a little more. The spotlight could have produced a much stronger contrast in my opinion.

I know thats a lot of negatives, and I'm not trying to put you down, just wanting to help. What I will say is that all in all, I just love the concept. I mean, why a potato? Who cares? it works, and thats what I love.

It's quirky. It's original. I like it. You just need to give it all a bit more definition and a bit of a polish.

Good job man!

*Review Request Club*

PlusPlusKid responds:

because i cant do necks and it seemed it looked kinda like a potato...

Ehh? Omae wa gosuto ka?! Ehh? Omae wa gosuto ka?!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good Man

I think this came out well. Everything looks neat and polished.
Kinda wish I knew what the title meant or what she's saying though lol.

Keep it up!

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nalem responds:

The title is "What?! You're a ghost?!"

She's saying "kimochi ii" which is like "feels good"